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In 2004, during the 2nd Latin American Credit and Collection Congress...

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The Dawn of LatinCob

In 2004, during the 2nd Latin American Credit and Collection Congress that took place in Mexico, the idea of bringing the interests of the Latin American credit and collection industry together came to life following the ACA (The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals), founded in 1939, which is an American organization that congregates companies of the United States and also comprehends an international area with associated companies in several countries of the world. The example of FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations), founded in 1993, also contributed greatly to the founding of LatinCob.

As participants in the ACA meetings, which take place annually, entrepreneurs and executives from Latin America exchanged ideas as well as experiences and sought the urge of creating a similar entity for the Latin American countries. Hence, LatinCob (Latin American Collection Association) was created with the objective of exchanging experiences and fostering growth of the collection industry with the creation of entities that integrate companies in Latin America.

LatinCob is the first and most important professional association in the segment, formed by associations from Argentina (ASARCOB), Brazil (IGEOC), Colombia (COLCOB), Mexico (APCOB) and Peru (ANECOP). In 2016, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay have fully joined the founding of national associations, counting on the experience of the preceding projects and skills of LatinCob members. Therefore, we're reaching our goals as to improvement of the C&C industry in Latin America.


To be recognized by the Latin American market as an association which aims at strengthening the collection industry, through the exchange and sharing of the best management practices, innovative solutions and dissemination of knowledge among the associated countries, envisioning the development of the market of credit and collection and ensuring confidentiality and transparency of information, in order to consolidate their representativeness in the continent.


To be an example of competence and results in the Latin American collection industry, aiming at the satisfaction of partners through high performance and technology.


To work within ethical and moral principles such as:

Ethics | Excellence | Reliability | Respect | Entrepreneurship | Commitment | Integration | Cooperation | Transparency

Actions and Activities

- To serve as a forum to promote the exchange of relevant information on changes or modifications in the environment that could represent either opportunities or threats to the represented industry, as they may be, for instance, technological advances in the field of telephony and telecommunications; legislative initiatives that may affect operations of the partners and others of similar nature. The Association does not assume any responsibility for the strategic decisions that partners make or do not make according to the information received.

- To manage and obtain rates, discounts and preferential rates for its partners by common suppliers of goods or services, such as telephony and telecommunication, mail posts, courier services, management, bonding, insurance companies, distributors of stationery and book supplies, computer servers and similar systems.

- To support its members so that the staff they hire is the most suitable to carry out the activities of collection that are entrusted to them. To exercise lawful actions to influence all activities related to the industry in order to protect the rights of members and the freedom of work and exercise of licit industry.

- To petition to the public authorities of different countries that have not constituted a Local Association yet, claiming the necessary participation in the consideration and study of projects of laws, decrees, ordinances and provisions which attempt or intend to regulate the activity of the industry that this Association represents.

- Provide support to local associations, coordinating joint actions to claim the necessary participation in the consideration and study of projects of laws, acts, decrees, ordinances and provisions which attempt or intend to regulate the activity of the industry that this partnership represents in a particular country.

- To encourage the actions of those represented in order to facilitate access to credit, obtain tax measures and assistance for companies by proposing projects of laws, acts, decrees, ordinances and provisions which enable improvements to the industry and the protection of the activity in different countries.

- To promote integration and fair relations with other social, economic or cultural organizations that care for freedom, democracy and the enforcement of laws of their respective countries.

- To facilitate access between partners and other associations, chambers or related sectors of the represented industry.

- To participate in the integration of agencies of any legal nature that stand by the commitments taken into account for the establishment of this Association, either directly or derived from the act established by the same.

- To provide partners with knowledge and information training and updating, by means of advertising and participating in several of the most prominent Latin American and international industry conferences, workshops, seminars and conferences that the Board shall advise.

- To promote the training and specialization of Partners´ human resources, through the investment and creation of institutes, workshops and public or private study schools, with materials and themes specifically related to credit and collections.

- To perform any other lawful activity that is compatible with the principles and interests presented, for the good of their members and represented associates, and for the Association as a whole.

- All the activities mentioned above are not to be taken in a restrictive fashion including but not limited to its enunciation, as the Association may perform or incorporate other activities that are not described herein, but that are part of its object.


Latin American Federation of Collecting National Associations

Board of Directors

LatinCob Board of Directors is responsible for setting the association´s policies and general guidelines, analysis of plans and projects proposed by the Executive Board and evaluation of results.

The Board meets ordinarily and extraordinarily whenever convened by its President. Decisions require a quorum to represent the majority of the members and shall be taken by majority vote.


Jefferson Frauches Viana | Presidente

- Jefferson Frauches Viana, possui Bacharelado em Economia e Matemática pela Universidade São Judas Tadeu/SP;
- É membro-fundador da LatinCob - Associação Latinoamericana de Empresas de Cobrança e acionista brasileiro do TCM Group;
- Atualmente é presidente do IGEOC - Instituto de Gestão em Excelência Operacional de Cobrança e também da Way Back, empresa especializada em Recuperação de Créditos e BPO, desde 1991;
- Em 2013 e 2015, foi premiado como a personalidade do ano na Indústria de Recuperação de Créditos.


Eliseo Bello Villegas | Director

- Eliseo Bello Villegas Presidente de la Comisión Legislativa de APCOB Nacionalidad Mexicano Presidente de la Comisión Legislativa APCOB Abogado y Consultor en Crédito y Cobranza, con Maestría y Doctorado en Materia Mercantil egresado de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México;
- Director General de Servicios Jurídicos Empresariales, S.A;
- Es socio fundador de la Asociación de Profesionales en Cobranza y Servicios Jurídicos en donde es Presidente de la Comisión Legislativa y Miembro de la Comisión de Honor y Justicia, es Asociado de la Asociación Nacional de Abogados de Empresa ANADE ha comparecido como panelista en materia jurídica en diferentes temas en foros de crédito y cobranza a nivel Nacional e Internacional.


Valentin Rodriguez del Poso | Director

- El Ingeniero Valentín Rodríguez del Pozo, egresó de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba y realizó un MSc C en el University College of London;
- Ha sido docente de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba y de la Universidad Católica Argentina, disertando en numerosos Congresos y Simposios Internacionales;
- Participó del Programa de Desarrollo Gerencial de Telefónica de Argentina, empresa en la que ocupó diversos cargos directivos en áreas de tecnología y negocios;
- Actual Vicepresidente y fundador de ASARCOB.


Cesar Manuel García Niño | Director

- El señor García es abogado egresado de la Universidad de los Andes Bogotá - Colombia, posee una especialización en derecho comercial y financiero de la misma universidad y se especializó en Negocios en la Universidad de Vancouver Canadá;
- Se desempeñó en diversos cargos del Ministerio de Gobierno, Viceministro y Ministro encargado de Educación, Gobernador del departamento de Boyacá, de donde es oriundo;
- Fue Secretario de la Presidencia de la República, Cónsul de Colombia en Chile, entre otros;
- Hoy es Presidente de Negocios y Socio de Serlefin BPO&O y desde marzo pasado fue elegido Presidente de Colcob.


Humberto Ugarte Riva | Director

- Abogado por la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos;
- Especialista en Litigio y Solucion de Controversias en Materia Civil y Comercial; tengo más de 41 años como abogado litigante;
- Miembro del Centro de Arbitraje y Resolución de Conflictos de la Universidad Catolica del Peru;
- Past presidente de diversos gremios empresariales y deportivos;
- Expositor en diversos congressos nacionales e internacionales;
- Socio fundador y actual presidente de "La Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Cobranzas del Peru - ANECOP";
- Gerente General Grupo UCATEL: Ugarte Consultores Asociados SAC y Telegestion Empresarial SAC.


Meet LatinCob Partners:

Today LatinCob relies on five associated companies that operate in the most diverse economy sectors of Debt Recovery and Collection.




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